Current Chapter Locations



Thanks to the support of so many donors and followers, we were able to make the Chapter vision a reality - with the most recent Chapter opening in December 2016. We are still looking for volunteers to join our Chapter Leadership Teams as we work to strengthen our impact in these communities.If you are interested in joining a Chapter Leadership Team, please follow one of the links below for the Chapter nearest you and select Leadership Positions under Get Involved. If you’d like to join a local Chapter as member, you can follow the link and select Join Today.


If you are interested in joining us as an Chapter member in Columbus, Cleveland, Akron or Denver, please visit their respective sites below. Please feel free to share the membership opportunity with other followers and with people you know would commit themselves to bettering humanity and ending suffering to improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods. Our followers bring the power of a promise into their local cities and towns and collectively raise the quality of existence for an entire community. Join us to better humanity through promises made and kept.